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6 Mistakes the Investors do That cause the Lose of Money in Stock Market

No body likes to lose the money either in the stock market or either ways. Every one wants to earn the money and increase the assets. So here we have summed up some tips that may help you to not losing the money in the Stock Market. 

These 6 Tips may not be sufficient to increase the return but it would be fruitful to overcome the loss that may occur.

What are the Student Loans Available in US? Apply for Federal Student Loans in USA.

Do you want to pusue the education in USA, Here are the loans scheme available for the students by the Federal Governement. Here I have summed up all things you need to know about the Federal Student Loans. 

A federal student loan is made through a loan program administered by the federal government whereas A private student loan is a nonfederal loan made by a private lender, such as a bank or credit union. The terms and conditions of private student loans are set by the lender, not the federal government. If you’re not sure whether you’re being offered a private loan or a federal loan, check with.

How to teach your kids about the Taxes? 6 Ways to teach taxation.

Tax season is upon us, and as we prepare to pay our annual homage to Uncle Sam, it's also an opportune time to consider teaching youngsters some lessons about taxes. Imparting some basic principles of taxes and personal finance not only helps prepare kids for a more prosperous adulthood, it also helps convey a sense ...

Top 5 Best Financial Management Software of 2017

Here we have sorted out some of the Financail Management Software of 2017 Check This Out in the complete article with the Side by Side Comparision

What is FPO? Further Public Offerings in Nepal

Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), the securities market regulator, said the value of shares to be issued through FPO must be determined based on capitalised earnings, net worth per share, average closing price of 180 days and discounted cash flow.

Top 77 Accountant and Auditor Jokes

As summer winds down and everyone starts bracing themselves for another tax season, we’ve got a way to keep things fun in your firm… prepare yourself for the top 77 best accounting jokes.


Warning: this list contains 7 very NERDY jokes. Do not share this article with any non-accountants because they will roll their eyes and make fun of you…

Few Jokes on Chartered Accountant and CA Students

Here we have compiled few jokes on Chartered Accountancy and Chartered Accountancy Students

Teacher: Osama has 5 wifes and 20 Children,
Laloo has 1 wife and 9 children. Who is better?  [...]

Jokes that only accountant and auditor will understand

We have collected some jokes on accountant and auditors, Which I think only accountant and auditor will understand. I could not understand the 14 number jokes if you could then please comment it below.

List of RA Firms n Nepal (Register Auditor in Nepal)

List of the RA (Registered Auditor) Firm Updated upto 2073/06/19 in Nepal (As Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nepal)

Shortlisted Audit CA Firm in Nepal for Articleship Training

We have shortlisted some audit firm from the list published by the ICAN . Following is the list of audit firm where you can drop your CV for your Articleship Training. The list is inteted for general information and easier access only.