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Study ACCA in Nepal About ACCA and Fee Structure

Study ACCA in Nepal and About ACCA in Nepal. Find out how the ACCA qualification works, including exams, modules and entry routes. The Fee Structure of the ACCA Exam

About Chartered Accountancy CA Education in Nepal

Do you want to persue the career in ca in nepal? CA Chartered Accountancy, Accountant Course/Education in Nepal . In Nepal Generally CA can be done under three boards ICAN, ICAI, ACCA. CA course is challenging. Based on distance learning module, it involves in depth theoretical education and practical training imparting sound analytical and problem solving skills to the students [...]


General Overview of the Nepal Accounting Standards and Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Nepal ICAN

Accounting Standards are the statements of code of practice of the regulatory accounting bodies that are to be observed in the preparation and presentation of financial statements. In layman terms, accounting standards are the written documents issued by the expert institutes or other regulatory bodies covering various aspects of measurement, treatment, presentation and disclosure of accounting transactions [...]

Basic Tally Shortcut Keys You must know

Are you an accountant or the auditor who have to work on tally. I think you must at least know these basic shortcut keys. Do you think you know all these shortcut keys.. In the tally. Click the button below to view all shortcuts

Amendment To Income Tax Act By Finance Bill 2073 English Version

This articles contains the english version of ammendment to the Income Tax Act 2058 made by the finance bill 2073 - 2074.

Some change like exemption limit change and changes in penalty, rate of taxation change is made by the finance bill 2073

Amendment To Value Added Tax Act By Finance Bill 2073

Download Amendment To Value Added Tax Act By Finance Bill 2073

Ernst & Young Was Just Fined $9.3 Million for Inappropriate Client Relationships

Auditors got a little too close to clients. Public accounting firm Ernst & Young has agreed to pay $9.3 million to settle charges against three of the firm’s audit partners, the SEC announced Monday

Basics Steps in Capital Budgeting

Conceptually, the capital budgeting process involves different logical steps. Steps in capital can be described as

What is Credit Ratings of financial instrument?

Credit  rating  is,  essentially,  the  opinion of   the  credit  rating  agency  on   the relative  ability of   the  issuer  of   a   debt  instrument to  meet  the  debt  service obligations (about that particular debt) as and   when they arise. This opinion is given on  the basis of  past performance and   all  available  information (audited financial statements,  audit reports, information from management, banks and  FIs, industry trends  and   management  capabilities).  The  rating  is  for  a   particular instrument and  not for the company as a  whole, two debt instruments issued by one issuer may  have different ratings.

Why NPV Net Present Value is best method of Evaluating Projects

Why NPV is the best method of evaluating projects?
An investment project is attractive and should be pursued so long as the discounted net present value of cash inflows is greater than the discounted net present value of the  investment  requirement,  or  net  cash  outlay.