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What is Credit Ratings of financial instrument?

Credit  rating  is,  essentially,  the  opinion of   the  credit  rating  agency  on   the relative  ability of   the  issuer  of   a   debt  instrument to  meet  the  debt  service obligations (about that particular debt) as and   when they arise. This opinion is given on  the basis of  past performance and   all  available  information (audited financial statements,  audit reports, information from management, banks and  FIs, industry trends  and   management  capabilities).  The  rating  is  for  a   particular instrument and  not for the company as a  whole, two debt instruments issued by one issuer may  have different ratings.

Why NPV Net Present Value is best method of Evaluating Projects

Why NPV is the best method of evaluating projects?
An investment project is attractive and should be pursued so long as the discounted net present value of cash inflows is greater than the discounted net present value of the  investment  requirement,  or  net  cash  outlay.

The 13 Biggest Financial Fraud from the Classic Age to the Moderns Times

If you think the biggest financial frauds occurs due to the modern technology and Classic age are free from the financial frauds you are wrong here are the Biggest 13 Fraud from the Classic Age (193 AD) to the modern era. 

Do you know the fraud of the 193 AD Amounted $1 Billion in todays money

Click on the link below to view all the 13 Frauds

Whether starting own firm or go to business is Capital Budgeting or Not

The decision to start your own firm and go into business can indeed be thought of as a capital budgeting decision.

Monetary policy 2073-2074

Download the monetary policy for the Fiscal year 2073 - 2074

TOP Ten Students of the CAP I June ICAN

The Topper of the ICAN is ABISHESH KUMAR KARN with 85%

Here is the list of the Top 10 Students with Distinction of the ICAN CAP I June 2016 .

Revision Test Papers for the November 2016 IPCC Intermediate Professional Competence Course

Download the Revision test Papers for the november 2016 IPCC ICAI Institute ofchartered accountant of india.

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Law Ethics and Communications
  3. Cost Accounting and Financial Management.
Download RTP

Amendment To Income Tax Act By Finance Bill 2073

Download Amendment To Income Tax Act By Finance Bill 2073

How to Extract the Number from The Text In Excel

Have you wondered how to extract the Number in Excel From the Text

Have you ever wanted to extract numbers only from a list of string in Excel? Here I introduce some ways for you to extract only numbers quickly and easily in Excel.

Here is the simple trick to extract the number

Strategic Management Handbook

Download Strategic Management Handbook