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Notes on Human Resources Management

– The set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining an effective work force.

• The Strategic Importance of HRM

– Firms have come to realize the value of their human resources in improving productivity.
– HRM is critical to bottom-line performance of the firm.
– HR planning is part of the strategic planning process.

Depreciation AS 6 Notes and Summaries

Depreciation is a measure of wearing out, consumption or other loss of value of a depreciable asset arising from use, effluxion of time or obsolescence through technology and market changes. Depreciation is allocated so as to charge a fair proportion of the depreciable amount in each accounting period during the expected useful life of the asset. Depreciation includes amortisation of ...

Important Note on Consignment Accounting and Summaries

To consign means to send. In Accounting, the term “consignment account” relates to accounts dealing with a situation where one person (or firm) sends goods to another person (or firm) on the basis that the goods will be sold on behalf of and at the risk of the former...

Bank Reconciliation Statements

• Strictly speaking there should be no difference in Cash Book and Pass book.

• However on a particular date it is possible that balances on both the books do not tally.

• After finding the reasons for non agreement of the bank balances efforts are made to reconcile. This statement is prepared in the form of BRS.

Accounting for Partnership Notes and Illustrations

This notes covers illustrations of following topics on partnerships.

  1. Goodwill and Method of Valuation
  2. Admission of Partners
  3. Retirement of the Partners
  4. Death of the partners

Theory Of Production and Law of variable proportions

• In  General,  Production  means,     "Any Activity of Making Something Material."

• In  Economics,  Production  means,  "Any Economic  Activity  which  is  directed  to the Satisfaction of the Wants of the People.

Population Poverty Unemployment

This note covers about unemployment, poverty and popolation

• Population  refers  to  Total  number  of  People residing in a Place.

• Growth   in   Population   is   considered   to   be favourable in certain Countries like Australia because:

Money Banking and Commercial Banking

 Traditionally, money has been defined on the basis of its general acceptability and its functional aspects. Thus, any thing which performed the following three function:
 Served as medium of exchange
 Served as a common measure of value
 Served as a store of values was termed as money.

Overview of Management and Organisation

What Is an Organization?

• A group of people working together in a structured and coordinated fashion to achieve a set of goals.
• A social unit in which two or more people interact to achieve common goal or a set of goals.
• Collection of people working together in a division of labor to achieve a common purpose

Communication Notes and Summaries

Meaning of Communication

Process or medium of exchanging information idea knowledge and emotion from one party from another (i.e. senders to receiver) with specific objective.

Physical flow of information in such a way that the message designed and intend by the sender is received and understood by the receiver with same objective and meaning. Communication is the heart of organization which links people together through expression of emotional meaning. If also refers to the flow of information and understanding between sender and receiver so communication is the complete process of encoding message by sender drafting through the channel decoding by the receiver and responding to the sender.