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Reaching Strategic Edge

1.  Six sigma is nothing but providing defect free products or services. Six sigma is a process that help in developing and delivering near perfect products or services. The main objective behind six sigma is to meet and improve quality and cost in outputs  of  the  organisation.  In  six  sigma  enterprise  has continuously revising the current standards and establishing higher once. It aims in improving customer satisfaction. For implementing six sigma there are two methodologies which are as (i) DMAIC (ii) DMADV

Communication Notes and Summaries

Meaning of Communication

Process or medium of exchanging information idea knowledge and emotion from one party from another (i.e. senders to receiver) with specific objective.

Physical flow of information in such a way that the message designed and intend by the sender is received and understood by the receiver with same objective and meaning. Communication is the heart of organization which links people together through expression of emotional meaning. If also refers to the flow of information and understanding between sender and receiver so communication is the complete process of encoding message by sender drafting through the channel decoding by the receiver and responding to the sender.