IT Training Nowadays all business entities uses the computer for accounting and book keeping. So during the period of the auditing uses of computer becomes handy so Computer skills is the basic required skills for Chartered Accountants(CA). So institute requires the students to complete the 100 HRS of IT Training.

We want to provide sum learning materials to the students so that it comes handy to improve their knowledge. Following are the some materials for the IT Training we want to share with the students, It includes Documents and Resources and Multiple choice questions. We further want to inform that solely relying in the materials provided in this website might be insufficient.

The resources in this website is not only target for the CA students. It generally covers all sectors which requires computer training. including but not limited as computer operator, etc.

Download the Resources for IT Training

Download The learning resources and documents . Here you can download the material and resources as pdf file. The resources here cover the Computer Fundamentals (Basic of Computers), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Computer Operating Systems and Notes on Accounting Package.            

Multiple Choice Questions for Computer and IT Training

Here you can read multiple choice questions over 3000 collected from the diiferent sources. You can check your knowledge by practicing online and check your capacity to face the exam

Multiple choice question for Computer Fundamentals

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Multiple choice question for Microsoft Word

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Multiple choice question for Microsoft Excel

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Multiple choice question for Microsoft Access

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Multiple choice question for Computer Operating System

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