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The Information System By Laxman

• Accounting and information systems comprise the functional area of business responsible for providing information to the other areas to enable them to do their jobs and for reporting the results to interested parties.
• To that end, an accounting system is used to identify, analyze, measure, record, summarize, and communicate relevant economic information to interested parties


SQL (Pronounced SEQUEL) Stands for Structured Query Language and is the language used to communicate with Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). This language is consists of the following modules.

References In Excel

There are different sorts of cell references. These are:

•             Relative
•             Absolute
•             Mixed

Getting Started With Access 2007

This short note will guide you through the basics of Microsoft Access

Fundamental Of Computer

How does Digital technology affect accounting profession?

Information technology has impacted accounting processes in a very good way. It is difficult to find anybody doing manual accounting with paper and pencil these ...

Full Form Of Hardware & Networking Device

View the full form of the terms used in Computers Hardware and Networking

Excel Fill Handle And Functions

Download Excel Fill Handle And Functions

Database Normalization

Database normalization, or simply normalisation, is the process of organizing the columns (attributes) and tables...

Database Design

A properly designed database provides you with access to up-to-date, accurate information. Because a correct design is essential to achieving your goals in working with a database, investing the time required to learn the principles of good design makes sense. In the end, you are much more likely to end up with a database

Database Administration And Data Definition

Database Administration (DA)

In a database system there is the danger that
1.   One user will damage or change data used by other people without their knowledge.
2.   There is the question of how to protect confidential information.