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ICANThe Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) was established under a special act, The Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 1997 to enhance social recognition and faith of people at large in the accounting profession by raising public awareness towards the importance of accounting profession as well as towards economic and social responsibility of the accountants, and to contribute towards economic development of the country. The Institute is an autonomous body and the Council is fully authorized by the Act to undertake accountancy profession in Nepal.

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CAP-I |  Chartered Accountancy Professional Foundation [CAP I]

Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP) - I is a basic course for Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - I is one year. The course has been designed to provide students basic knowledge and skills as part of the entry standard for the professional level.

CAP-II |  Chartered Accountancy Professional Intermidiate [CAP II]

CAP - II Course is the second stage of Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - II Course is nine months. The course has been basically designed with an aim of providing students with requisite knowledge and skills in the subject.

CAP-III |  Chartered Accountancy Professional Final [CAP III]

CAP - III course is the final stage of Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - III course is three year. This course includes practical training as well as theoretical based design to give the students a deeper insight into advanced level of professional expertise and skills.

Information Technology Training | IT

Computer skills is the basic required skills for Chartered Accountants(CA). So institute requires the students to complete the 100 HRS of IT Training. You can read multiple choice questions over 3000 collected from the diiferent sources. You can check your knowledge by practicing online and check your capacity to face the exam.

Articleship Training

In Chartered Accountancy Education, Articleship is instrumental in shaping accountancy as a well founded and highly dignified profession exposing the students to adequate knowledge of accounting, auditing, taxation, information technology, system design etc. It also ensures job opportunities for striving and thriving students devoted to accountancy as a prestigious profession for the overall development of the country.