Compilation of Suggested Answers for the CAP-I, CAP-II, CAP-III From 2009 to 2016

Compilation of Suggested Answers for the CAP-I, CAP-II, CAP-III From 2009 to 2016


We know that all CA Students are time consious and You don't have time to download the Each PDF File for each batch considering your important time. We just have compiled all suggested answer  for all subject for each level of ICAN (Institute of chartered Accountant of ICAN)  in the single PDF File from past six years. Just save your hours of time. 

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Here you get the Link of the File below for each level.

This Suggested Answer Includes the Suggested Answer for the following subject for CAP-I (Chartered Accountant Professional Foundation)

  1. Fundamental of Accounting
  2. Commercial Mathematics
  3. Fundamental of Managemt
  4. Mercantile Laws
  5. Fundamental of Economics

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Following are the Suggested Answers for CAP II of June 2016

  1. Advanced Accounting
  2. Corporate Laws
  3. Audit and Assurance
  4. Financial Management
  5. Cost Accounting
  6. Business Communication
  7. Marketing
  8. Income Tax and VAT

Download Link: Download Compilation of Suggested CAP II as PDF

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Following are the Suggested Answer For CAP III

  1. Advanced Financial Reporting
  2. Corporate Laws
  3. Advanced Audit and Assurance
  4. Advanced Cost and Manafement Accounting
  5. Advanced Financial Management
  6. Management Information and Control System
  7. Strategic Management and Decision Making Analysis
  8. Advanced Taxatioin

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