Course Coverage for June 2016 Examination

Notice to the Students (June 2016, Examination)

Course Coverage for June 2016 Examination

Students are hereby notified to consider, for their exams, the amendments in the Standards, Acts, Rules, Directives, Circulars and any other Notifications that are in force up till 3 months prior to the date of the final examinations.

More specifically the following amendments should be considered by the students.



Accounting Standards

Nepal Accounting Standards

1. For all the companies except mentioned below.


Nepal Financial Reporting Standards

2. Listed Multinational Manufacturing companies;

3. All Listed State Owned Enterprises; and

4. Commercial Banks, including State Owned Commercial Banks.

International Financial Reporting Standards

All IFRS, IAS, IFRIC, SIC and Framework.

Nepal Standard on Auditing

Nepal Standard on Related Services

Nepal Standard on Quality Control

Nepal Auditing Practice Statement

Guidance Notes

Standards under Mandatory Compliance

NSA 200 to 299 : General Principles & Responsibilities

NSA 300 to 499 : Risk Assessment & Response to Assessed Risk

NSA 500 to 599 : Audit Evidence

NSA 600 to 699 : Using work of Others

NSA 700 to 799 : Audit Conclusions & Reporting

NSA 800 to 899 : Specialized Areas Standards under Voluntary Compliance NSAs 220, 315, 330, 520, & 701.

NSRE's 2400, 4400 & 4410.


NAPs 1001

GN 201 & 202

However, students may also refer to NSAs that was published during July 2015, which is based on ISA 2012 edition, which is so far applicable on voluntary basis till Srawan 1, 2073

International Standards on Auditing

All the ISAs and ISQC.

Code of Ethics

IFAC Code of Ethics 2014 and ICAN Code of Ethics 2015 edition

Income Tax Act 2058, Rules 2059

Custom Act 2064 & Rules 2064

Value Added Tax Act 2052 & Rules 2053

Excise Act 2058 & Rules 2059

Amendments made by Finance Bill 2072.

Corporate Laws

Amendments in all the related laws