SA 299 Summary Responsibility of Joint Auditors

SA 299 Summary Responsibility of Joint Auditors

Summary for the Auditing Standards 299 Responsibility of Joint Auditors is as Below


1. Purpose: deals with ­ responsibilities of the joint auditor’s.

2. Division of work: by mutual discussion ­ in terms of audit of identifiable units/areas.

3. Documented & communicated: division of work should be adequately documented and

preferably communicated to the entity.

4. Joint auditor ­ comes across significant matters ­ communicate the same to all the other joint auditors.

5. Responsibility of joint auditor’s:

a. In respect of divided audit work– each auditor is responsible only for the work allocated to him.

b. jointly and severally responsible ­

¡ In respect of undivided work among the joint auditors.

¡ Compliance & disclosure requirements of the relevant statute.

¡ audit report compiles with the relevant statute.

6. Reporting Responsibilities:

a. in case of a disagreement­ joint auditors should express their own opinion through a separate report.

7. Advantages: Sharing of expert knowledge, Lower workload, Better quality of performance &

improved service to the client.

8. Disadvantages: Problems of coordination, Problems of tracing the responsibility&  Increase in cost of audit.

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