Nepal Standards on Auditing in a Single PDF File Download

Nepal Standards on Auditing in a Single PDF File Download

"Standards on Auditing" means those standards on auditing and guidelines and interpretations pertaining thereto as provided or recommended by the Standards on Auditing Board in order to systematize and regulate the accountancy and auditing. As defined in Chartered Accountant Act 2053(1997)

This File Contains the All Auditing Standards in a Single File. This file is optimised to the minimum page. It contains the easily usable Table of Contents Which contains the Clickable Links and for Easier Navigation. One Click in the Table of contents will take you to the page where you want. 
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Here you can download the Nepal Standards on Auditing

  1. NSA 200 Objective and general principle governing an audit
  2. NSA 210 Terms of engagement
  3. NSA 220 Quality Control for Audit of Historical Financial Information
  4. NSA 230 Audit documentation
  5. NSA 240 Auditor's responsibility for considering the fraud
  6. NSA 2400 Engagements to Review Financial Statements
  7. NSA 250 Consideration of Lawsand Regulations in an Audit of Financial Statements
  8. NSA 260 Communication of Audit Matters with Those Charged with Governance
  9. NSA 300 Planning an Audit of Financial Statements
  10. NSA 315 Understanding the entity and its Environment and Assessing the Risks or Material Misstatement
  11. NSA 320 Audit Materiality
  12. NSA 330 Auditors Procedure in Response to Assessed Risks
  13. NSA 500 Audit evidence
  14. NSA 505 External Confirmations
  15. NSA 510 Initial Engagements Opening Balances
  16. NSA 520 Analytical Procedures
  17. NSA 530 Audit Sampling and other Selective Testing Procedures
  18. NSA 540 Audit of accounting Estimates
  19. NSA 550 Related Parties
  20. NSA 560 Subsequent Events
  21. NSA 570 Going Concern
  22. NSA 580 Management Representation
  23. NSA 600 USing the Work of Another Auditor
  24. NSA 610 Considering the work of Internal Control
  25. NSA 620 Using the Work of Expert
  26. NSA 700 The Auditors Report of Financial Statements
  27. NSA 701 Guidance Notes on Independence of Auditors
  28. NSA 710 Comparatives
  29. NSA 720 Other Information in Documents Containg Audited Financial Statements
  30. NSA 800 The Auditor's Report on Special Purpose Audit Engagements
  31. NSA 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information
  32. NSA 4410 Engagements to Compie Financial Statements

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